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Information About Transgender Procedures

Gender reaffirmation surgery is one of the most powerful and important decisions a person can make. Transgender patients who want to take the next step can visit Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates for a wide range of options. Our trusted, compassionate staff offers procedures, such as gender reaffirmation surgery, MTF body contouring, MTF breast augmentation, facial feminization and masculinization surgery, Adam's apple reduction, FTM top surgery, and FTM body contouring. Look and feel at home in your body by meeting with our specialists in Jacksonville, FL.

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Gender reaffirmation surgery is a collection of procedures aimed to help transgender patients achieve a look they love by modifying certain features.

MTF body contouring in Jacksonville, FL, is a procedure tailored to increase volume in the hips, buttocks, and breasts with implants or fat transfer.

Transgender women who want fuller breasts could benefit from MTF breast augmentation with either fat transfer or silicone or saline implants.

Facial feminization surgery, often shortened to FFS, is a collection of cosmetic surgeries that aim to create a softer, more feminine facial look.

Adam's apple reduction, also called tracheal shaving, decreases the size of the Adam's apple by shaving the extra cartilage on the larynx (voice box).

FTM top surgery in Jacksonville, FL, is a breast reduction and chest reconstruction surgery that removes the tissue to produce a masculine chest.

In many cases, FTM body contouring comprises top surgery for chest size reduction, as well as liposuction for the hips, butt, thighs, and other areas.

If you want to achieve a more masculine look, facial masculinization surgery (FMS) aims to reshape and recontour features throughout your face.

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