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Cheek Lift in Jacksonville, FL

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A person's facial structure can transform with time due to aging, weight loss, poor lifestyle habits, and many other causes. For a large number of people, the cheek and mid-face areas will often experience sagging and deflation first. This takes place when the malar fat pads begin to droop and produce a sunken, hollow look. To restore the youthful contours of your face and lift sagging cheeks, cosmetic surgeons Drs. Erik Nuveen and Courtney Caplin perform cheek lift surgery at their premier facility in Jacksonville, FL. Our team at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is able to reposition the fat and tissue of the face to improve your cheek contours, as well as enhance other areas, including reducing under-eye puffiness and nasolabial folds.


Cheek lift surgery is done with the patient under general anesthesia. At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Jacksonville, FL, our aesthetic physicians utilize an endoscopic method to reposition sagging cheeks using tiny incisions. Less than one inch long, these incisions are placed near the ear or hairline and allow Dr. Nuveen or Dr. Caplin to use a tiny camera and advanced instruments to achieve minimally invasive repositioning. During your procedure, our surgeons will subtly lift sagging cheeks to restore volume near the cheekbones. This method keeps strain off of the laugh lines to soften the folds around the mouth and produce a fuller, more youthful look.

Cheek Lift FAQ

Is there such a thing as a nonsurgical cheek lift?
The effect of a cheek lift without surgery to lift sagging cheeks can be approximated with dermal fillers and other injections, but this is a temporary solution that requires potential cheek lift patients in Jacksonville, FL to receive follow-up treatments once or more per year. In contrast, cheek lift surgery is a much longer-lasting procedure.

Will I have visible scars after a cheek lift near me?
A cheek lift employs small incisions near the temple at the hairline, so any minimal scars should blend easily with the hairline. Drs. Nuveen and Caplin will work with you to ensure that scarring after a cheek lift is minimal and will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions that will also protect against visible scars as much as possible. They will also schedule follow-up appointments with you to make sure your results following your recovery are as desirable as possible.

Will my results from a cheek lift look natural?
It may take several months for optimal results from a cheek lift to occur, but you should have a natural look after the recovery process is over and your desired results have been achieved. It is important to note that locating a cheek lift surgeon with the necessary skill set is critical. Drs. Nuveen and Caplin are cosmetic surgeons who understand the confines of the face and can make sure any enhancement looks natural.

Can a cheek lift be combined with other facial procedures?
A cheek lift can be complemented by a few other facial plastic surgeries, such as a full facelift, a brow lift, or a lower eyelid lift.


Our office in Jacksonville, FL is excited to offer innovative facial surgery techniques to women and men seeking a fuller, more youthful look. To find out if a cheek lift could help you achieve the appearance you want, reach out to our team at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates and schedule a private consultation.

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