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-When posing for image submissions, please refer to the guide above-


General Tips

-Stand against a plain, preferably dark wall or curtain for contrast

-Make sure there is nothing in the background of the photos

-Make sure photos are clear (blurry will not be accepted and new photos will be requested)

-Have someone else take your photos or set a timer/use a tripod (selfies will not be accepted)

-Reference position standing guide for assistance of how to take your photos


Facial Procedures

-Remove makeup

-Make sure hair is pulled back out of face

-Make sure forehead and neck are visible in photos

-Body is not necessary in these photos, follow the reference guide, but only include neck up.


Breast Procedures

-Remove shirt and bra, you may wear underwear


Body Procedures

-Remove shirt, bra, and underwear

-Must Include Posterior View (backside)


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