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Arm Lift in Jacksonville, FL

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About Arm Lift Surgery

A frustrating side effect of getting older or losing weight is the development of excess skin. At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Jacksonville, FL, we offer upper arm lift surgery (also called brachioplasty) as an option for people who cannot manage to tone and tighten their arms with diet and exercise alone. Excess skin from the elbow to the shoulder is very common, particularly for men and women who have lost weight or are advancing in age. An upper arm lift removes this loose, hanging skin, commonly called "bat wings." Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin, two board-certified cosmetic surgeons, are highly experienced in skin tightening and fat removal surgeries. If you would like to learn more information about how brachioplasty can improve the look of your arms, please schedule a consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates.

What Are The Benefits Of An Arm Lift?

A customized arm lift surgery designed and performed by Dr. Nuveen or Dr. Caplin can have dramatic results with a number of great aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Removing loose, excess skin
  • Tightening and toning the arms
  • Smoothing the skin under the arms
  • Achieving a younger, rejuvenated appearance
  • Improving mobility and range of motion
  • Enhancing comfort by reducing rubbing and chafing
  • Preventing rashes
  • Providing results that are dramatic and long-lasting
  • Giving a boost to confidence and self-image
  • Allowing you the freedom to wear more types of clothing


If you are tired of hiding your "bat wings" and want them to look trim and contoured again, you could be a great candidate for this procedure. An upper arm lift is typically done under general anesthesia and can take a few hours to finish. The sagging skin will be excised from the elbow and continuing to the armpit. The incision will be placed to be as hidden as possible, but it will become a visible scar. In cases where liposuction is required to eliminate stubborn fat, this will also be performed. After the skin is pulled taut, it will be stitched together. You will need to keep the incisions sanitized, covered, and wrapped with compression garments. A typical recovery timeframe may last about two weeks with lots of arm elevation and rest.

Arm Lift FAQ

How much does arm lift surgery cost?
The total cost for an arm lift will be based on several factors. Before he can determine your costs, Dr. Nuveen will start with a consultation to understand your needs and goals. After that, he will create your treatment plan and estimate your costs. To make it easier to fit your budget, Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates takes many payment methods. We will also help you find low-interest medical financing.

Can I combine an arm lift with other surgeries?
It is common for arm lift patients to create a custom treatment plan with another surgery. This is often known as an upper body lift and can be combined with liposuction, a breast lift, or a tummy tuck. Arm lift surgery is also frequently performed as part of an after weight loss surgery for those who have lost a significant amount of weight and need contouring throughout their body. During your initial consultation, each surgery will be discussed — so your custom surgical plan matches all your needs and goals.

Will there be scars?
Arm lift surgery requires incisions to excise loose skin, which means there will be scars from sutures. However, Dr. Nuveen will make every effort to use small, thin incisions that are placed in less visible areas. After your surgery, creams that help with healing will be suggested, along with our tips for scar care management. We also recommend you limit UV exposure for at least one year to minimize scar discoloration. In general, patients believe the overall benefits of a more toned arm outweigh the appearance of scars.

What results can I expect from an arm lift?
An arm lift is performed to excise hanging skin and fat. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise to avoid a significant change in your weight, which may compromise your surgical results. Following your lift surgery, as soon as you are fully healed and Dr. Nuveen has authorized it, you should start strength training. This is a good way to improve the shape of your upper arms by toning and strengthening the muscles.

Get Back Your Shape

No matter what you call your "bat wings," or the droopy skin on your arms, Dr. Nuveen and Dr. Caplin can help improve your confidence with effective, personalized surgery. Brachioplasty is an advanced procedure that provides both emotional and physical benefits. If you are at a healthy, stable weight and still cannot get rid of the skin that hangs off your arms, please contact our team to schedule a private consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Jacksonville, FL. Look and feel younger and fitter with arm lift surgery.

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