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What good are compression garments after plastic surgery? (Jacksonville, Fl)

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It is common for surgery patients to expect to be told by their board certified Cosmetic Surgeon, to wear

compressive garments after surgery, but what do they actually do? What evidence is there that they

contribute to a better outcome from cosmetic plastic surgery?

Research from the Library of Congress/ PubMed would validate that compression garments do the


Reduce swelling: A properly fitted compression garment applies variable force to the contents

through compression. This helps reduce the post operative edema that occurs after body recontouring

and restoring surgery.

Lower risk of bruising and bleeding: Pressure applied to an area of immediate surgery can limit

the space into which a patient bleeds, therefore potentially reducing the risk of hematoma and


Speeds the healing process: Patients who wear compression garments after body contouring

surgery have been shown through research to be able to return to their normal daily activities sooner than

those who do not. They can improve oxygen levels in soft tissue, allowing faster tissue repair. Perforated

materials and variations in materials allow breathability and variable pressure to m improve circulation to

the skin faster. This may result in a faster recovery.

Shapes & contours: Supportive garments may reduce the gravitational effect on loose skin after

liposuction procedures . This may enhance skin retraction and result in decreased need for skin resection

and higher patient satisfaction with more limited procedures. A compression garment can help support

and reinforce your new curves as you heal.

Potentially reduced risk of keloid scarring: Keloids can form when excess scar tissue grows over

a healed wound. Compression therapy is the first line of defense against keloids since they can soften

and break up keloid scar formations, a proven fact in burn patients, keloid formation and hypertrophic


Reduced infection risk: Garment wear may limit exposure of surgical sites and wounds after

surgery, thus reducing the possibility of infection.

Less pain & discomfort after surgery: Gentle pressure and support can relieve pain symptoms

resulting in less reliance and potential dependency on narcotic pain medication.

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