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Why Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is the best at Body Lifts in Jax, Florida

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Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates has maintained a focus and dedication to advancing science and surgery through research and evaluation for more than 21 years. We have performed more than 24,000 major cosmetic surgeries during this period, which has resulted in greater than 99% patient satisfaction and more five-star patient reviews than any other practice in the nation.

Why? Because we have dedicated our lives and careers to improving techniques and reducing complications within the massive weight loss surgery field. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates has performed over 1,000 outpatient BodyLift  surgeries, with an average operative time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. We have maintained complete and absolute safety during the past 22 years of patient care. We have zero transfusions, seven deep venous thromboses, and two pulmonary emboli, all resolved without complications.

Why are our results so different? Because our processes are different. Our research identified the most important causative factor for major and minor complications: operative efficiency. Efficiency makes obvious sense when considering other types of surgery, such as gallbladder removal, an inguinal hernia repair, or open heart surgery. The most critical question you should ask your surgeon is:

1. How many of these do you perform each year?

2. What is the average time it takes you to complete this surgery?

3. If complications do occur, how will they be handled?

All of the above questions focus on experience and operative efficiency. You want the person who does the most, who is current and proficient in the procedure you desire.

Why has it taken so long to improve the quality of outcomes and to reduce the risks associated with massive weight loss and BodyLift surgery? Two primary reasons: the educational process leading to this type of surgery enabled surgeons to overcomplicate the procedure. The idea of simplification reaps incredible rewards:

• Less blood loss

• Less uncertainty of an ideal outcome

• Less decision-making (indecision) during the procedure

• Surgical misadventures reduced

As a result, we decreased operative time and vastly lowered complications. We achieve this level of safety with the participation of a minimum of 2 providers on each surgery, in some cases, three providers. The primary surgeon trained, educated, and supervised the additional providers to exacting standards.

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City and Jacksonville, Florida, welcome your comparison. You will rapidly determine we are the best choice for outpatient Massive Weight Loss surgery and BodyLift surgery. We promise.

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