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Reasons Why Women Get Mommy Makeover Surgery

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Having a baby changes almost everything about your body, some good, some not-so-great. Many Mothers experience insecurities about their bodies after childbirth. Hectic schedules, juggling a household and work, hiding in closets to scarf down the last Hershey Kiss in peace, childcare, extracurricular activities, bake sales, playdates, with sporadic times to Netflix and Wine night (trust me, it's glorious) thrown in there (time permitting), it's so hard to bounce back to that pre-baby body. Many Moms seek professional surgical help with post-pregnancy issues when diet and exercise can’t address problem areas. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX offers Mommy Makeover surgery available to our Jacksonville Moms. A Mommy Makeover generally includes several different procedures like breast augmentation and/or lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction to give you your pre-baby body back. Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin of Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX are ready for you to make the brave decision to speak with them about your surgical goals!

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Most women don’t feel the same after they have children. Nursing causes your breasts to lose elasticity and volume, while stretched-out abdominal muscles leave behind a stubborn belly pooch. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that treat every area affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

Your procedure is personalized to help you reach your surgical goals!

Patients turn to Mommy Makeover surgery because they can design a treatment plan based on their individual needs and cosmetic goals. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX can restore multiple areas at once, which minimizes recovery time and allows you to return to your busy schedule even sooner. Whether you want to address drooping breasts, loose abdominal skin, or stubborn fat pockets, a Mommy Makeover could be the perfect solution to give you back your pre-baby body.

Address Your Breasts!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding usually cause sagging and loss of volume in your breasts. There are two surgical procedures that can be utilized to address changes in shape, volume, or position. Breast Augmentation uses state-of-the-art breast implants to enhance your bust line by adding diminished volume. A Breast Lift raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Often, these procedures are used together to offer the lift and volume you desire. Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX understands that breast procedures come with a lot of questions. At our office, which is conveniently in the same location as our consultations, surgical suite, and all post-operative appointments, we will sit down with you to answer any questions you may have about breast implants. We can talk you through saline versus cohesive gel silicone, let you try on different sizes, and make our suggestions in a formal treatment plan. We can also discuss if you are wanting more volume, or possibly a lift to accompany the volume.

Fat or Fab?

Liposuction removes stubborn fat when traditional diet and exercise plans fail to give you the shape you desire. First, our highly specialized surgeons will create a small incision in the treatment area. Then, they will use a tool called a cannula to loosen and suction out fat from places like the abdomen, hips, back, and thighs. If desired, this suctioned fat can be added to other areas where volume may be desired such as breasts, buttocks, or hips. This procedure is called a Fat-Transfer, or a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) when used on the buttocks.

Flat is Back!

Childbirth, whether natural or cesarean, causes your abdominal muscles to separate. A Tummy Tuck procedure can create a more flattering midsection. Our practitioners remove excess skin while tightening the underlying muscles. To create the appearance of a flatter belly, we make a thin incision from hip to hip that is easily hidden beneath underwear and swimsuits. Our team may also incorporate liposuction into your treatment for reducing small amounts of fat.

Make Over This Mommy!

At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX, we completely understand that cosmetic procedures are life-changing for women who go through pregnancy and childbirth. With a Mommy Makeover, you can target several troublesome areas at once, completely transforming your post-baby body. When you are ready to reclaim your body, meet with cosmetic surgeons Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin. Call us at (904)-648-6400 to schedule your appointment or to ask questions. You can also visit our website ( and utilize our pricing tool, or submit a request for consultation online.

We at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates JAX are happy to discuss your individual surgical goals, helping you go from "Mooooooooooom!!" to "Whoa, Momma!"

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